ROCM solution implementation in Alstom X’trapolis units of Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM)

Nomad implemented a comprehensive solution which includes train embedded software and hardware, a back-office application for data analysis and visualization and a railway engineering solution support.

The Nomad Tech Remote Online Condition Monitoring (ROCM) system provides MTM with real-time condition and diagnostic based information across key operational elements, and creates a scalable framework for the future introduction of both predictive and remote condition based maintenance methodologies.


This ground-breaking project has been recognized as the first of its kind in Australia, and, while at the forefront of innovation, has the primary objective of delivering improved levels of reliability, safety and operational efficiencies.

The implementation of this ROCM solution is breaking new ground in the Australian Rail market, and Nomad is proud to be working collaboratively with Metro to deliver such a strategic software platform.