NT Power – Power Traction Converter Technological Upgrade from GTO to IGBT


It is the result of a R&D partnership between Nomad Tech, EMEF (Portuguese Rolling Stock Maintenance Company), CP (Portuguese Railways Operator), FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto), ISEL (Lisbon Superior Institute of Engineering), REFER (Portuguese Infrastructure Manager, currently Infraestruturas de Portugal), and it consists on an innovative  low-cost and reliable upgrade of GTO-based electric power drives with IGBT components on the traction converter of the vehicles.


•    Solves technological obsolescence problem
•    Higher reliability and availability 
•    Simple homologation process
•    “Generates” spare parts
•    Additional & integrated remote online diagnosis capabilities
•    Proved 12.5% energy savings
•    Cheaper than the repair process (about only 25% of the OEM price)