Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit 2016

7 December 2016 — 8 December 2016
London, UK

Nomad Digital & Nomad Tech are thrilled to once again be key partners at the Annual Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit in London.

Train operating companies across the globe are now collecting overwhelming quantities of data, yet there still remains the challenge of integrating an awareness of asset conditions with operation and maintenance schedules and improving the quality of data.  As the only event entirely focused on predictive maintenance and dynamic scheduling, the 5th Annual Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit is trusted by organisations across the world to deliver the very latest success stories and innovation.

Nomad Tech's presentation is entitled: Intelligence of Trains

In the last years the Railway Industry saw a big trend with the Train Digitalization strategy: from centralized data processing to distributed data processing; embedded on-board agent processing; using smart data; redesign of the train diagnosis system; data analytics; how to relate several data sources to make the best decision… The major challenge over the last recent years and the coming ones is how to extract insight and valuable information from the large amounts of data available, in a way the Remote Condition Monitoring Tools (RCM-T) are (will be) able to capture the railways experts’ knowledge and therefore become a strategic tool to enhance the maintenance and operation company strategies.

Nomad Tech will propose a top-down approach, from Railways Engineering to the RCM-T, that will be presented and discussed with the audience, with real success cases of how to integrate the Remote Condition Monitoring Tools (RCM-T) with your Railways Organization Maintenance strategy – e.g. Reliability Centred Maintenance - and Operations management.

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