Norway – Norwegian NSB

How to provide on-train WiFi access in a mountainous country with patchy broadband coverage? That was the challenge facing Norwegian operator NSB. The solution: Nomad’s multi-carrier aggregating software, which exploits all of Norway’s public networks to provide a reliable connection. The service is popular with NSB’s 52 million annual passengers, who also benefit from real time journey information.

Netherlands – Netherlands NS

Nomad delivered the world’s largest rail connectivity project for NS, the Dutch state rail operator.

All of the country’s 365 intercity trains have been equipped with wireless internet services and real-time travel information. Every day, up to 600,000 passengers see information via screens, displays, web portals and automated messages on the trains’ public address systems.

“The Nomad solution gives us a future-proof platform” – Cor van der Hoop, NS

Portugal – CP Porto

The EU is aiming for a 20% cut in Europe’s annual primary energy consumption by 2020 – through generation, transformation, distribution and final consumption.

CP Porto was looking for a solution that could help them save energy during fleet service, idle time between services and night parking at the depots. Nomad installed its solution on a fleet of 34 CP EMUs, where energy savings up to 10% were achieved with Telemetering management.

The energy Telemetering and Monitoring stage is complemented by the Drivers Advisory System, which can leverage energy savings of up to 20%.

Portugal – Comboios de Portugal

Combining the Reliability Centred Maintenance methodology with the Remote Online Condition Monitoring (ROCM) – from Nomad and EMEF (the maintainer for the Portuguese Railway Operator, CP) – achieved considerable fleet management optimisations (LCC decrease, availability increase up to 20% and improved reliability up to 30%).

This solution has been deployed on the Portuguese Pendolino Fleet since 2003 – with proven results in all of its KPIs. The ROCM functionality is also being used for real time troubleshooting, supporting the train driver and monitoring the train-critical systems.

Using railways maintenance knowledge, the Remote Online Condition Monitoring acts like an automatic failure finding tool, allowing the extraction of knowledge from the existing on-board train data.

Portugal – Fertagus

Lisbon suburbans, PT

It’s possible to promote online energy savings policies on an operational context using existing offline energy measurement systems. This project’s main challenge was to provide energy consumption information remotely, using the existing measurement chain and energy meters to promote driving and operational efficiency policies.

The installed system collects the required data from the existing on board equipment, in a non-intrusive manner. The data is then sent to the on-shore Central System, for data analysis, export and integration with other systems.

Portugal – CP – Carga

Condition based maintenance
Freight CP – Carga
The Remote Online Condition Monitoring applied to Diesel Electrical Locomotives systems.
On this project an onshore centralised server provides real-time and historical data from the locomotive like:

  • Location
  • Operational parameters
  • Fuel level
  • Diesel engine systems
  • Alternator
  • Heat exchangers etc

Being an old locomotive, only a small number of signals were available for the remote condition based maintenance strategy. Therefore Nomad Tech - in partnership with EMEF - selected and assembled new sensors (pressures, temperature, speed, level, etc.) for the referred purposes.